The Jibguy's ratings

Thu May 3 17:11:32 EDT 2007

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> WJIB's automation system could handle commercials--if Bob wanted
> commercials, which he doesn't. The unanswered question is, if you added
> commercials to the mix, whether the audience would materially decrease. I
> think it would decrease, but whether the decrease would be significant is a
> different question. My guess is that the decrease would not be significant.
> HOWEVER, a breakdown of the audience demographics would probably show that,
> good numbers notwithstanding, this is not an audience that advertisers would
> pay to have hear their commercials. According to agency and sales force
> folklore, the people are too old, don't buy anything, and each has a minimum
> of one foot in the grave. Would a shift to FM increase the audience numbers
> more than enough to offset the loss from airing commercials? I think so.
> Would the demos improve? I bet yes on that one too. Would the demos improve
> enough to make the audience something a Greater Media sales force could sell
> to advertisers? No way! Remember, anyone GM would hire to sell WJIB believes
> the too old crap as much as the agencies do.
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> Dan Strassberg,
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Since we're only talking theoretically here...

I don't necessarily agree. Surveys are already showing that the younger
age groups who all this marketing is supposed to be targeted at aren't
even listening to radio any more, getting their music from MP3 downloads
and independent net broadcasting instead. And since the baby boom
generation is statistically massive and won't be shrinking any time soon
there certainly should be an audience for WJIB type music for those less
inclined to diddle with MP3 players. Which may go to the point of why
WJIB is doing better in the ratings than it is allegedly supposed to be
doing. You might have 40 stations out there that all sound the same
geared to a younger demographic. Doesn't mean the target audience is
actually listening.

As far as advertisers go, all I can say is they aren't targeting the
plethora of erectile dysfunction ads on TeeVee at 20 year olds. Or pain
medications ads, or pain medications masquerading as heart attack
prevention, or life insurance policies, or health insurance supplement
policies, or retirement and investment planning, or "prevention"
vitamins, or power wheelchairs or... There's certainly enough product
advertising to support *ONE* WJIB type music format station in a large
metropolitan area, should a media giant owner and their marketing
machine ever be able to put two and two together without running it
through a computer marketing model that isn't as narrow minded as most
of them are.


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