The Jibguy's ratings

Dan Strassberg
Thu May 3 13:55:54 EDT 2007

WJIB's automation system could handle commercials--if Bob wanted
commercials, which he doesn't. The unanswered question is, if you added
commercials to the mix, whether the audience would materially decrease. I
think it would decrease, but whether the decrease would be significant is a
different question. My guess is that the decrease would not be significant.
HOWEVER, a breakdown of the audience demographics would probably show that,
good numbers notwithstanding, this is not an audience that advertisers would
pay to have hear their commercials. According to agency and sales force
folklore, the people are too old, don't buy anything, and each has a minimum
of one foot in the grave. Would a shift to FM increase the audience numbers
more than enough to offset the loss from airing commercials? I think so.
Would the demos improve? I bet yes on that one too. Would the demos improve
enough to make the audience something a Greater Media sales force could sell
to advertisers? No way! Remember, anyone GM would hire to sell WJIB believes
the too old crap as much as the agencies do.

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> This begs a question I've often wondered?  Is the WJIB "Model of
> Success" portable to another signal?
> For example, let's say (in a parallel universe) Peter Smyth looks at
> WJIB and looks at WBOS and decides that it's time for the "format of the
> month" to come to an end, and he wants to hire Bob to run WBOS *exactly*
> like WJIB.   Not just the programming, but also the managerial freedom.
> Assuming, for a moment, that Bob would take the job...could you pick up
> WJIB's programming (lack of commercials and all), drop it on WBOS, and
> still have it work?
> Would the "ban" of commercials be too hindering to justify the rent on
> the Pru anymore?
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> Aaron Read
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> Anyone else notice the 12+ numbers that just came out? Our good friend
> Mr. Bittner didn't just crack a 1-share...he apparently has more
> listeners 12+ than WFNX or WXRV, and is gaining on WBOS!
> I wonder if this isn't the most impressive ratings performance by a
> one-man station in history?
> s

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