Herald: Finneran bombs in ratings

radiotony radiotony@comcast.net
Wed May 2 19:19:24 EDT 2007

I've listened to the show twice, because I was down in Massachusetts and
driving in my car, and I have to say that it's not very good. 
However, it does have potential. The first time I heard the show, Warren
Tolman was guest co-hosting with Finneran and the show 
was a good political roundtable type of show and I listened to it the entire
time I was in the car. It was like the old days. 
I like Warren, he is a good guy. And I also found it interesting that these
former political foes would be able to do some 
pretty good, old-styled, talk radio. 

The other time I listened was on Earth Day, where Finneran was going off on
some silly thing Sheryl Crow said about toilet paper use.
He also went off on Hollywood liberals and it was just totally, totally
lame, and that is being kind. It was struggling for things to say and going
on environmentalists not knowing what he was saying at all. It was pretty

Tony Schinella

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