Herald: Finneran bombs in ratings

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Wed May 2 21:00:35 EDT 2007

in general, it saddens me, and i'm sure others like me, that a major market 
morning show - what one might consider a professional goal - is filled with 
the flavor of the week.

now, granted, i'm not a talk show host.  like many, i have opinions and i 
can listen well, but i'm still having fun playing the hits and, once in a 
while, crackin' wise.  but, there are those who have for years labored at a 
target format, and are more than likely quite capable to do better than 
swell with a bit of support and/or marketing, coupled with a management team 
possessed of the mindset that consistency builds ratings - that a new show 
or talent really needs more than 2 books to do well.  i think of our 
colleague, Bill O.  well read, quick of wit and pretty dang insightful. 
likewise Auntie Donna, who at one time programmed the mighty 680.

now 6-8-Oh has become an on-air cesspool.  i have no other way to put it. 
as talented as Howie is, he is filled with either an abundance of hatred or 
envy - i'm not sure which.  if he were neither of the aforementioned things, 
he wouldn't have spent airtime talking with a "network audience" in such a 
negative manner about his co-workers.  for lack of a better term, Rush and 
Finneran are that - co-workers.  i could never, EVER imagine blowing up a 
station's overall positioning, on-air, in such a way.  but yet, it happens 
every single day on that station.  if wrko were considered a "family," 
they'd need some serious counselling.

suggestion to the wrko team - slap howie up-side the head and take him down 
a peg.  he ain't that good.  and he's a radio carpet-bagger, as far as i'm 
concerned.  he'll kiss off radio quicker than he can hit the "book" 
cash-register as soon as MSNBC or some other visual outlet gives him a shot. 
Howie is a great writer.  probably a nice guy and a good dad.  he is not a 
great broadcaster (my opinion).

Rush is Rush - the station does well with his show, and from what i've never 
heard from Rush, he doesn't really acknowledge the programming on before or 
after his.

Mr.Finneran is not a radio host.  maybe some day.  but, like the majority 
who came before him - go to a small market and get some experience.

i am not, nor have i ever been, a fan of johnny-come-lately's to radio.  not 
to say that some of the interlopers into what i consider a labor of love 
more than a means to an end are not qualified.  and to those individuals, i 
will suffer the sin of personal envy.

just my  .02, adjusted for inflation

- - Chuck 

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