WFCR Switches AM Frequencies

Laurence Glavin
Fri Mar 9 15:39:03 EST 2007

For several years, non-comm WFCR-FM 88.5 in Amherst has simulcast many of
its news and talk programming on a very-directional 5,000-watt daytimer,
WPNI-AM 1430 COL also Amherst.  According to the Springfield Republican
newspaper, that arrangement will soon cease, and all of this programming 
will transfer to full-time WNNZ-AM 640, 50,000 watts days...1,000 watts at night.
AM 640 currently has a mostly satellite-delivered sports format with some
collegiate PBP.  WFCR will not own WNNZ, but has entered into an LMA with
(gasp!) Clear Channel Communications.  Last fall, CCU declared that
there was more money to be made in sports than in liberal talk as it
prepared to flip its Madison, WI FM outlet;  now apparently sports has
turned out to be a loser in Western Massachusetts, especially since 
Entercomm introduced an FM sports station into the area.  WFCR has been
becoming an even greater presence in the 413 area code by sprouting 
new translators in many of the hill towns out there.  The switcheroo is
slated to happen in April;  April 2nd to let people know they're serious.

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