WCRN, higher power, and the Red Sox

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Fri Mar 9 12:12:57 EST 2007

An article from Worcester Business Journal talks about the addition of the Red Sox to WCRN. A chart
shows the station's lackluster ratings under the talk format, but it is hoped the addition of
the Red Sox and the new 50 kW signal at night will help.


The arrangement is that Entercom's WVEI 1440 and WCRN will both carry the Sox, but Entercom
pockets the ad dollars. WCRN gets the Sox to make the station more well known and help in
the ratings. Why two stations? Check out their night patterns on radio-locator.com

WVEI (night) pushes to the west, NW, and SW at night. The WCRN (night) chart--admittedly for the current
signal only--shows them pushing to the east, NE, and SE. (I don't know why the WCRN
page at radio-locator doesn't show the 50kW night pattern) This will help the listeners
in MetroWest as both WRKO and WEEI (WEEI will be doing Wed night games or Friday
nights or something) push north-south after dark.

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