Greater Media tries to reach youth...with HD station

Bob Nelson
Sat Mar 3 12:39:27 EST 2007

>>Hey now, I still listen to Britpop and shoegazer bands like Ride and others
and I'm almost 42!

I'm 45 and never heard of "shoegazer" till I read that article. Feel
a bit older now; I wonder if Lawrence Welk will be on NHPTV tonight? :)
(I do know tonight I'm going to a folk coffeehouse up in Essex and
the last one I went to, last month, had me as one of the _youngest_
guys in the audience...hoo boy)

>>At RAB2007, I attended one of the seminars which talked about the fact that
radio stations were starting to do this with HD and Webcast.
Anyone interested can go to my blog and read the three entries about RAB:

Great that they're trying something innovative, I guess. An idea for
the folks at Greater Media: have an hour long show on the weekend
playing some of this stuff and tell people they can hear more
by getting an HD radio and tuning to the new station etc.
(I wonder if they mention on their Sun morning country oldies
show that WKLB's HD2 station does classic country, for those
who want to hear it at other times...)

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