Greater Media tries to reach youth...with HD station

Scott Fybush
Sat Mar 3 12:10:46 EST 2007

Bob Nelson wrote:
> Hey kids! Innovative music here from Greater Media and you'll help us
> program it! Only trouble is you'll need one of those expensive HD
> receivers to hear it. (Wouldn't think of putting it on broadcast)

Any more than they were putting it on AM in 1968. Anybody have figures
on market penetration of FM receivers in the mid-sixties? Or on what a
typical FM radio would have cost, adjusted for inflation?

It seems to me there's a contradiction going on here - critics of HD 
Radio (of which I am one, occasionally) want to argue that there's no 
interesting content on the new medium to drive receiver sales, then they 
want to turn around and criticize stations for trying to put new content 
on there, because nobody has a receiver.

That chicken/egg thing has to get cracked somehow, and I for one give 
Greater a fair amount of credit for making at least some effort to do so 
by trying something different in its HD2 programming.

I know, that's not as much fun as throwing rocks...


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