FM pirates

Eli Polonsky
Thu Mar 1 03:03:33 EST 2007

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> Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:37:48 -0500
> Subject: RE: FM pirates
> The middle eastern 88.5 is actually not Cambridge. I found it on
> on Sunday, it's not far from Fox 25's studios in Dedham.

That sounds about right. I could tell that the Middle Eastern one
is transmitting from somewhere west (or southwest) of Boston
because it came in when I was in Newton, but I lose it going into
Brighton heading toward Boston. It also transmits in mono.

> 91.3 Bel Mizik FM has a super signal, although suffering interference 
> from 91.5 WMFO Medford along I-93 from the deck to Roosevelt 
> Circle, the signal reaches as far north as Andover/Tewksbury on I-93 

Actually, Bel Mizik has been causing interference to WMFO in much of
the area where their signal can normally be heard, albeit weakly such 
as Cambridge, Allston/Brighton, parts of Boston, and even where I 
live on the south facing side of a hill in Somerville (facing toward
Boston, away from Medford). I've notified WMFO personnel to tell 
them that they should file a complaint with the FCC.

> 88.5 is a pirate graveyard with the Boston Caribbean/Haitian station, 
> Middle Eastern (presumed R.Free Cambridge), and "Off-Coast" rock 
> all heard this week

It's "Off-Coast" which is the decendent of "Radio Free Cambridge", not
the Middle Eastern one described above. "Radio Free Cambridge" used
to transmit from the Zeitgeist Gallery in Inman Square which, along
with the pirate station broadcasting from there, shut down about a 
year ago. I've heard that one of the people involved had brought the 
radio equipment home, and is broadcasting as "Off-Coast Radio" from
somewhere in the Somerville/Cambridge area.

Eli Polonsky

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