WLLH Listing With FCC (3)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu Jun 28 15:03:30 EDT 2007

Well, there is an ESPN Spanish network, although it may be only on TV and
not on radio. If WLLH suddenly begins broadcasting in Spanish, we'll know
why the station wants to be licensed to Lawrence. I suspect, though, that
the CoL change is something that Mega applied for when it owned the station
and the FCC has only now caught up with. Perhaps, J-Sports (current owners)
never knew that the application had been filed and may not be aware it even
now. Or, maybe CDBS is just out of sync. Wouldn't be the first time--or, so
it seems, the 10,000th.

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> > That is to say,
> > both the fact that WLLH is the last of the original
> > dual-synchronous
> > transmitting stations...
> >I think it was the first of the original dual-synch
> >transmitting stations.
> >The used to have a top of the hour ID. "The only
> >station in America transmitting from TWO cities".
> That must have been AFTER the breakup of the WBZ-WBZA
> "synchronous"operation.
> Getting  back to the rationale of my most recent post;
> the listing of BOTH CitieS of License (Dan take note) at
> fcc/gov/media/audiobureau/AM (not a real URL but the pathway
> to the FCC listing) with the notation that Lawrence was to become
> the CitY of License appears to be a new development.
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