WLLH Listing With FCC (3)

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>--- mike@miscon.net wrote:
> That is to say,
> both the fact that WLLH is the last of the original
> dual-synchronous
> transmitting stations...

>I think it was the first of the original dual-synch
>transmitting stations.
>The used to have a top of the hour ID. "The only
>station in America transmitting from TWO cities".

That must have been AFTER the breakup of the WBZ-WBZA
Getting  back to the rationale of my most recent post;
the listing of BOTH CitieS of License (Dan take note) at
fcc/gov/media/audiobureau/AM (not a real URL but the pathway
to the FCC listing) with the notation that Lawrence was to become
the CitY of License appears to be a new development.

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