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The DJ's I remember on 'COP in 1961 were Bob Wilson (of later 
sportscasting fame), Ed Mitchell, Dex Card, Phil Christie, Pat 
Patterson, and Paul Koss.  The station bailed out of Top 40 sometime in 
1962 and went to mello-jello MoR (a process kids called "going square") 
before changing over to country quite a while later in the '60s.

1150 still transmits from the Concord Avenue site with basically the 
same ineffectual signal (all right, OK to the southeast but 
unimpressive elsewhere).  When New Brunswick was still on the channel, 
it would pummel WCOP in the DAYTIME at places like Granite Pier in 
Rockport, MA.  Even now, with CHSJ-NB (and some other Canadians) gone 
and Skowhegan moved to 1160, a good night signal from 1150 is not 
foolproof in the metro area mostly due to incursions from WMRD in CT 
(whose DA must be out of whack), one of the Quebecois French talkers, 
and Ontario's powerhouse oldies station CKOC.  That one completely owns 
the channel at night north of the NH border.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

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You are correct, the studio and transmitter facility were at 75 Concord 
Ave, Lexington. Business and sales offices on Clarendon St. Some DJs I 
remember during my time there 
Jim Brokaw 
Bob Greene 
Don Thomas 
Neil Gran 
Neil McDonough (sp?) 
There were others, but those neurons must be sleeping now!! 
Regards, Jon W1MNK Brandon, FL USA 

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