Boston songs (early '60s)

Jon Maguire
Thu Jun 21 07:56:21 EDT 2007

You are correct, the studio and transmitter facility were at 75 Concord 
Ave, Lexington. Business and sales offices on Clarendon St. Some DJs I 
remember during my time there

Jim Brokaw
Bob Greene
Don Thomas
Neil Gran
Neil McDonough (sp?)

There were others, but those neurons must be sleeping now!!

Regards, Jon W1MNK Brandon, FL USA
A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> On 20 Jun 2007 at 22:23, wrote:
>> The Boston My Home Town song was on WCOP in 1961.  I remember it well
>> since I was 12 then and WCOP "ruled school" in Arlington at the time. 
> That sounds right.  WCOP ruled in Bedford, too.  With a transmitter 
> in Lexington, they had a signal stronger that WBZ.  Probably the same 
> in Arlington, too.  They always gave an address on Clarendon Street 
> in Boston, but I think their studios were actually at the Lexington 
> site.  At least a couple of WCOP DJs lived in Bedford and frequently 
> did the school record hops.
>> Another Boston-themed song I remember from around that time were
>> "Banned in Boston" by Merv Griffin ("Now she's banned in Boston,
>> condemned in Cleveland, and banished in Baltimore; she is now taboo in
>> Philly and St. Lou and Chicago doesn't dig her anymore.")  
> I don't remember that one.

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