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I suspect what killed WCOP in the end was having NO North Shore
coverage and weak coverage in the beach areas overall. (something WMEX
did have )


On 6/21/07, markwa1ion@aol.com <markwa1ion@aol.com> wrote:
> The DJ's I remember on 'COP in 1961 were Bob Wilson (of later
> sportscasting fame), Ed Mitchell, Dex Card, Phil Christie, Pat
> Patterson, and Paul Koss.  The station bailed out of Top 40 sometime in
> 1962 and went to mello-jello MoR (a process kids called "going square")
> before changing over to country quite a while later in the '60s.
> 1150 still transmits from the Concord Avenue site with basically the
> same ineffectual signal (all right, OK to the southeast but
> unimpressive elsewhere).  When New Brunswick was still on the channel,
> it would pummel WCOP in the DAYTIME at places like Granite Pier in
> Rockport, MA.  Even now, with CHSJ-NB (and some other Canadians) gone
> and Skowhegan moved to 1160, a good night signal from 1150 is not
> foolproof in the metro area mostly due to incursions from WMRD in CT
> (whose DA must be out of whack), one of the Quebecois French talkers,
> and Ontario's powerhouse oldies station CKOC.  That one completely owns
> the channel at night north of the NH border.
> Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA
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> You are correct, the studio and transmitter facility were at 75 Concord
> Ave, Lexington. Business and sales offices on Clarendon St. Some DJs I
> remember during my time there
> Jim Brokaw
> Bob Greene
> Don Thomas
> Neil Gran
> Neil McDonough (sp?)
> There were others, but those neurons must be sleeping now!!
> Regards, Jon W1MNK Brandon, FL USA
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