Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Doug Drown
Thu Jun 21 00:29:21 EDT 2007

WLLH-FM was another station some of us used to listen to in Ashburnham when
I was in high school . . . WKBR-FM, too.  I remember when Bill Jones ("The
Jones Boy") of WMEX was on 'KBR.

I thought the FCC put graveyard stations like WLLH at a real disadvantage
years ago when it began insisting that AM/FM combos had to split their
programming part of each day.  Simulcasting on FM gave some of those little
stations a chance to have much wider listening areas than they would
otherwise have had with their 250-watt nighttime AM signals.   On the other
hand, who, back then, could have foreseen what FM would become?


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> Kevin Vahey wrote:
> > The first station I remember hearing Top 40 on FM was WLLH-FM and all
> > these years later can reme these years later can remember a Jack
> > being their #1 jock.
>    Jack Peterson was with WLLH from 1963 till 1980. I believe he started
> on nights, then moved into afternoons, then mornings for many years, all
> through the 70's up until he left in '80. He was also PD at least twice
> during his 17 years at LLH. He also took over high school football play by
> play duties when Tom Clayton cut back his work schedule in the 70's. I
> believe he may have done the color commentary alongside Clayton. Very nice
> person off the air as well.  Jack left LLH to go to WNBH in New Bedford,
> where he stayed until being let go when they went birdfeed in the mid or
> late 90's. Last I heard he's now at WNBH in New Bedford doing news,
> a weekly sports call in show and still doing high school sports play by
> play.
> Mark Watson

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