Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Mark Watson
Wed Jun 20 21:44:59 EDT 2007

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> The first station I remember hearing Top 40 on FM was WLLH-FM and all 
> these years later can reme these years later can remember a Jack Peterson 
> being their #1 jock.

   Jack Peterson was with WLLH from 1963 till 1980. I believe he started out 
on nights, then moved into afternoons, then mornings for many years, all 
through the 70's up until he left in '80. He was also PD at least twice 
during his 17 years at LLH. He also took over high school football play by 
play duties when Tom Clayton cut back his work schedule in the 70's. I 
believe he may have done the color commentary alongside Clayton. Very nice 
person off the air as well.  Jack left LLH to go to WNBH in New Bedford, 
where he stayed until being let go when they went birdfeed in the mid or 
late 90's. Last I heard he's now at WNBH in New Bedford doing news, hosting 
a weekly sports call in show and still doing high school sports play by 

Mark Watson

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