When WBZ played covers instead of hits

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Tue Jun 19 21:14:27 EDT 2007

-- Lou <lspin@comcast.net> wrote:

> Wow...  Just when you think you've found all the lost
> classics, New Hope comes up.  Great song!  Was this only
> a WBZ song, or did WMEX play it, too?
> Thanks for bringing it up.

It was a #57 national Billboard hit in February, 1970.

As I recall, it was briefly on all the Top 40 stations
around Boston. WBZ had gone to MOR by then, so I don't
think they played it, but it was on WMEX, WRKO, WKOX-FM,
etc... though not for long. A very minor hit that was
not played heavily, and that disappeared quickly.

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> > Btw, anybody recall a song by a group called the New Hope--
> > "Won't Find Better Than Me"?  It was only a hit in certain
> > cities, but it got a lot of airplay in Boston...  

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