Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Roger Kirk
Wed Jun 20 09:32:50 EDT 2007

Based on the Station Charts, it would appear that their Top 30 did not
reflect the LP cuts being played.  However, both RKO & MEX listed the
top LP's in Boston - and their LP cuts were from them.  Except for the
"Classic" LP cuts that RKO played.

In September of 71, the WMEX Top 30 was pretty much the same as WRKO's.

Air Staff:
Ron Robin 6-10
Dan O'Brien 10-2
John H 2-6
Al Carter 6-10 (Al Carp former WRKO tech, orig. from Manchester Market)
Randy Boone 10-Mid
Bill Lawrence Dawn Patrol
Shorter Shifts
February of 72, Again pretty much the same stuff as RKO was playing
Jim Connors 5:30-9
Bill Lawrence 9-Noon
Tom Allen Noon-3
J Michael Wilson 3-7
King Arthur Knight 7-Mid
Jerry Gordon Mid-4
Longer Shifts.
In December 1972 WMEX, the Top 30 (with few exceptions) was the same as

Air Staff:

Neil Gran 5:30-10:00
Bill Lawrence 10:00-3:00
Tom Allen 3:00 - 7:00
King Arthur Knight 7:00-Mid
Dan Donovan Mid-4:00

Longer Shifts
WMEX Dec 72
WRKO Nov 72:

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