Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Dale H. Cook
Tue Jun 19 19:03:03 EDT 2007

At 02:26 PM 6/19/2007, A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>At UMass Amherst, I think it was because of the FM signal that WHYN
>was a popular station for many of us.  WBZ came in reasonably well in
>the daytime, but not at night.  That left WHYN or distant and
>unreliable AM stations -- probably WKBW and WPTR.

Both WKBK and WPTR came in fine at night on a decent radio, as did 
WBZ. I was just using an AA5 around 1970 at UMass, but it had been 
carefully aligned, and with a semi-longwire did pretty well. I got 
the NYC clears fine 24/7, and used to listen to Jean Shepherd on WOR 
and Dan Ingram on WABC.

WHYN also had a good AM signal into Amherst, but so did WACE. 
Although it was just a daytimer, it was 5 kw non-d, and with a Dan 
Churchill ground system that was always wet (right behind the levee 
in Chicopee) and on a Mexican clear channel (730) it had quite a 
signal. When I worked at WACE a few years later we had to run some 
tests in the wee hours and got a reception report from West Germany.

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