Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

Doug Drown
Tue Jun 19 15:07:17 EDT 2007

WHYN-FM had quite a few listeners at Oakmont High in Ashburnham when I was
in school there in the late '60s.  I remember hearing it from another kid's
transistor radio in the school gym when we were doing prom decoration or
some such thing one evening.
We otherwise didn't get Springfield area radio, except for WACE, at that
time a CBS affiliate, which came in well during the day.
WHYN had a lesser Top 40 competitor in Springfield; was it WMAS or WSPR?


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> On 19 Jun 2007 Doug Drown wrote:
> > Back in the late '60s, a few AM rockers were simulcasting on FM for at
> > least part of the day ---WBZ and WHYN come to mind particularly.  I
> > thought that was cool, because the signals were so much clearer.  I
> > realized that radio would never be the same when some FM stations,
> > like WVBF (nee WKOX-FM), began employing Top 40 formats in the early-
> > to -mid-70's.
> At UMass Amherst, I think it was because of the FM signal that WHYN
> was a popular station for many of us.  WBZ came in reasonably well in
> the daytime, but not at night.  That left WHYN or distant and
> unreliable AM stations -- probably WKBW and WPTR.
> > How many of us had FM converters in our cars?  I used mine from around
> > 1970, when I first bought it in Mass., until 1979 when I purchased my
> > first brand-new car here in Maine.  Audiovox was the brand.  It worked
> > really well.
> I got an FM converter sometime in the 1980s, after WCRB left the AM
> dial.  It was a Realistic from Radio Shack.   I had a 1970 Dodge Dart
> at the time.  My next car, my parents' 1977 Oldsmobile, had an AM-FM
> radio.  But since it was a mid-1970s American car, some of the
> strangest things came apart!
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