Memories of John Garabedian and V-66...

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Jun 19 14:26:42 EDT 2007

On 19 Jun 2007 Doug Drown wrote:

> Back in the late '60s, a few AM rockers were simulcasting on FM for at
> least part of the day ---WBZ and WHYN come to mind particularly.  I
> thought that was cool, because the signals were so much clearer.  I
> realized that radio would never be the same when some FM stations,
> like WVBF (nee WKOX-FM), began employing Top 40 formats in the early-
> to -mid-70's.

At UMass Amherst, I think it was because of the FM signal that WHYN 
was a popular station for many of us.  WBZ came in reasonably well in 
the daytime, but not at night.  That left WHYN or distant and 
unreliable AM stations -- probably WKBW and WPTR.
> How many of us had FM converters in our cars?  I used mine from around
> 1970, when I first bought it in Mass., until 1979 when I purchased my
> first brand-new car here in Maine.  Audiovox was the brand.  It worked
> really well.

I got an FM converter sometime in the 1980s, after WCRB left the AM 
dial.  It was a Realistic from Radio Shack.   I had a 1970 Dodge Dart 
at the time.  My next car, my parents' 1977 Oldsmobile, had an AM-FM 
radio.  But since it was a mid-1970s American car, some of the 
strangest things came apart!

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