Cable Choice and Competition Act

Rick Kelly
Tue Jun 12 09:22:15 EDT 2007

On 6/12/07, A. Joseph Ross <> wrote:

RE:  "Why did Zeppo leave the Marx Brothers movies?

> He wasn't really part of the act, he was an employee of the other
> brothers, he didn't have a comedy role, and his screen time was
> diminishing with each movie.  He decided to go into business as an
> agent.

Watching those first Marx Bros films, Zeppo seemed uncomfortable.  He
wisely resigned from his film roles.

> Gummo, the fifth brother, soon joined him in the agency and,
> in fact, handled the three brothers' accounts.

I thought Gummo was a lot older than the others, too, but could be
mistaken.  Did they ever have a regular radio show, I wonder (just to
keep this the subject at hand...)

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