Avast, ye pirates (Boston 101.3, Lynn 1690)

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Fri Jun 8 12:32:41 EDT 2007

>>There's quite a list of these stations at 
"http://members.aol.com/baconti/bostonLP.htm".  Some of them have 
websites.  A few stations on the list are licensed, most aren't.  

Yes, and note that his page refers to these stations as 
"low power" (in Boston area), not purely as "pirates" because
quite a few of them are legitimate--traveler's info,
Logan Airport info, "local info" (RadioDerry for example), etc.

I heard from someone at WFNX that there's an effort by that station
as well as some other adjacents (WWBB Prov., WGIR-FM in NH)
to contact the FCC and get the huge 101.3 Boston pirate shut down. He said
that the 101.3 could be still picked up faintly in Andover.

The 720 pirate from Dorchester is also quite audible up in
Salem/Beverly area.

Choice FM 102.9, as I've stated before, claims to have the
call letters of WCFM which should come as news to the legit
station in Williamstown which has them. On their site: 
"WCFM broadcasts at 2000 radiated watts from its studios in Dorchester, Massachusetts. 
Our broadcast radius extends into the Boston metro area for approximately 100 miles."

If that's true (and I doubt it is!) they should have been shut down/seized/
operators arrested long ago.

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