Avast, ye pirates (Boston 101.3, Lynn 1690)

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Fri Jun 8 12:17:47 EDT 2007

There's quite a list of these stations at 
"http://members.aol.com/baconti/bostonLP.htm".  Some of them have 
websites.  A few stations on the list are licensed, most aren't.  Some 
of the high-band AM stations have been heard as far as Newfoundland (on 
sensitive equipment of course).

Some of these puppies have been on for YEARS with no FCC visits.  
Boston, like Miami and a few other cities, is a sort of "wild west" of 
pirate broadcasting operations.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

Bob Nelson wrote
Big City Radio, a pirate at 101.3,can be picked up in Beverly and Salem 
with a
half decent car stereo
...reggae, maybe some r&b/rap... broadcasting from somewhere in Boston. 
Not sure
of the wattage, but it ain't licensed...
Also was running what sounded like an ad for some kind of event (a 
bunch of
local businesses/restaurants, etc.
were mentioned as part
of it). I'm guessing that if the station makes money, they don't report 
it to
the IRS...Described as "urban/tropical"
on a site I found listing "low power radio" in the area.

Also coming in strong in Salem (have picked up before):
1690  WRCI R.Creole Inter, Lynn - French news/talk, AM Stereo 
(according to
Baconti's site).
Also breaking the law...based on Union St. in Lynn according to their 

"Radio Creole was founded  to give choices to different ethnic groups 
that live
in the Northshore area."
Well, be advised that WMWM does run some ethnic programming as does 
WLYN (though
time is sold out
on the latter, we've heard...)

Not sure how long the FCC will take to take action against them.
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