WWZN announces it will stay sports

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No, I didn't recall. What was the reason or alleged reason for WEEI's
objection to having a real full-time station carry the Sox in Spanish--as
opposed to a Class D AM with low-power nighttime authority (even if it often
"forgets" to power down at sunset)? Did Entercom feel that enough of the
people who listened to the Sox on WEEI were bilingual and would switch the
Spanish broadcasts, if only the Spanish signal were better? I suppose that
if that theory were correct, a stronger signal for the Spanish broadcasts
could actually cut the ratings for the English broadcasts by a measurable
amount. I can imagine 0.1 or maybe even 0.2 share points. Since WWZN never
makes it into the ratings, I suppose that if it had gotten the Sox in
Spanish and WEEI's ratings for the Sox in English had declined measurably,
that small decline would have been the first solid statistical evidence that
anyone at all listened to WWZN.

Nevertheless, I don't think WWZN would have challenged CJBC for the fewest
listeners per watt in North America. The numbers for both stations are
surely well below 1, but CJBC must have more zeros to the immediate right of
the decimal point.

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> Spanish sports is a legit possibility. I see few markets where it would
> be plausible, even with the ESPN Deportes network, but Boston would be
> one. The Spanish community is very into the Red Sox, as was evidenced
> by Pedro Mania, and there are a couple very successful players of
> Hispanic background on this team.
> You may recall that 1510 was thisclose to being the Red Sox' Spanish
> flagship a few years ago. WEEI balked, and the deal was squashed.
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