Classical change in Washington DC - HD

Scott Fybush
Wed Jan 24 13:58:01 EST 2007

Jim wrote:
> In addition to the Boston Acoustics Receptor HD radio (~$300), RadioShack
> also sells the "Accurian" HD table top radio for ~$200 on what they claim is
> an exclusive basis. 
> I would be interested if anyone has an experience with either of these. 
> I have heard that HD does not work very well if you live too far from the
> transmitter unless you have a fairly good antenna. I live in the shadow of
> the WCRB tower in Andover, and I am wondering if I will need a rooftop
> antenna just to get HD from stations on the Pru or 128 towers (in which
> case, I'll spend the $2-300 on CDs instead...LOL).
> Thanks in advance for any comments.

Accurian is one of RS' house brands, like "Archer" and "Realistic" in an 
earlier era.

I picked up the Accurian when it was on sale for $99 around the 
holidays. It's a decent $99 radio. Not sure I'd drop $200 on it.

The HD radios I've used (the BA as well as the Accurian) seem to do 
pretty well when it comes to rejecting overload from other nearby 
stations on other frequencies. They're decently sensitive on FM, as well.

With the BA, I successfully picked up 99.5's HD from Waban, right in the 
shadow of the 128 towers, using only a cheap pair of rabbit ears. 
Hearing Pru and 128 signals from Andover should be roughly comparable.

The nice thing about RS is, you can always try it and take it back if it 
doesn't work.


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