Classical change in Washington DC - HD

Ron Bello
Wed Jan 24 22:11:44 EST 2007

It amazes me that there are still no receivers or separate tuners 
with HD capability.

A table radio is not going to satisfy anyone with a decent stereo or 
surround sound system.

At 01:58 PM 1/24/2007, Scott Fybush wrote:
>Jim wrote:
>>In addition to the Boston Acoustics Receptor HD radio (~$300), RadioShack
>>also sells the "Accurian" HD table top radio for ~$200 on what they claim is
>>an exclusive basis.
>>I would be interested if anyone has an experience with either of these.
>>I have heard that HD does not work very well if you live too far from the
>>transmitter unless you have a fairly good antenna. I live in the shadow of
>>the WCRB tower in Andover, and I am wondering if I will need a rooftop
>>antenna just to get HD from stations on the Pru or 128 towers (in which
>>case, I'll spend the $2-300 on CDs instead...LOL).
>>Thanks in advance for any comments.
>Accurian is one of RS' house brands, like "Archer" and "Realistic" 
>in an earlier era.
>I picked up the Accurian when it was on sale for $99 around the 
>holidays. It's a decent $99 radio. Not sure I'd drop $200 on it.
>The HD radios I've used (the BA as well as the Accurian) seem to do 
>pretty well when it comes to rejecting overload from other nearby 
>stations on other frequencies. They're decently sensitive on FM, as well.
>With the BA, I successfully picked up 99.5's HD from Waban, right in 
>the shadow of the 128 towers, using only a cheap pair of rabbit 
>ears. Hearing Pru and 128 signals from Andover should be roughly comparable.
>The nice thing about RS is, you can always try it and take it back 
>if it doesn't work.

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