Classical change in Washington DC - HD

Wed Jan 24 13:28:02 EST 2007

In addition to the Boston Acoustics Receptor HD radio (~$300), RadioShack
also sells the "Accurian" HD table top radio for ~$200 on what they claim is
an exclusive basis. 

I would be interested if anyone has an experience with either of these. 

I have heard that HD does not work very well if you live too far from the
transmitter unless you have a fairly good antenna. I live in the shadow of
the WCRB tower in Andover, and I am wondering if I will need a rooftop
antenna just to get HD from stations on the Pru or 128 towers (in which
case, I'll spend the $2-300 on CDs instead...LOL).

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Scott Fybush <> wrote:
> More innovative thinking like that, and people might even want to
> seek 
> out and buy the radios :-)

I don't know about that, Scott. Cheapest prices I saw looking at a
couple places online were $139. And those were car radios. Tabletops
were going for $249 and up. Still price prohibitive for someone like me.

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