Herald, Ch. 25 report WRKO Finneran deal

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Thu Jan 11 11:31:56 EST 2007

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>>Finneran has done fill-in for Sullivan on WBZ.  I never listen beyond
the opening monologue, and I don't usually give fill-ins even that
long, so I can't say whether he was any good.

A press conference was just aired on WRKO. Finneran's start date will
be Feb 12. Scott Allen Miller will continue in his current slot
until then and he may wind up elsewhere at Entercom after his show

Finneran says the show will feature everything from politics to
sports (oh, the press conference just ended and the first caller
said it was a sad day for the station, and the caller said
Finneran was an "arrogant, condescending, liar").

I think it was said Finneran might appear on Howie's show later
today but I could be wrong. When asked about Howie, Finneran
said "at one time, Howie thought I was a rising star. Now
he thinks I'm a fraud".

Wolfe and Kahn said they knew WRKO had to have local content,
not something piped in from LA or NY.

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