Two Dave MacNeils?

Dan Strassberg
Sat Jan 13 07:41:25 EST 2007

Is it that I haven't been listening attentively enough to WCRB or are there
really TWO Dave MacNeils who announce there? If so, I imagine that they are
father and son. The elder gentleman does overnights a few nights a week
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?). His name is definitely Dave MacNeil. The
younger gentleman, whose name I THINK is also Dave MacNeil (but I could be
wrong) does the news on Laura Carlo's AM drive segment Monday thru Friday
(except when one of many fill-in voices from Metro Networks does it). The
younger fellow may also host some music on weekends.

I have not been able to distinguish when, if ever, WCRB's music intros are
not voicetracked, but I suspect that, at a minimum, Carlo's shift is not
fully voicetracked on weekdays (At least, I think she is live for part
(maybe all) of her weekday shift; she makes too many mentions of the current
weather.) However, it would take only one part-timer to voicetrack an entire
week. Can't take more than five or six minutes to voicetrack a full hour of
classical--unless some commercials are read, umm, live (meaning voicetracked
specifically for a particular shift--as opposed to being pre-recorded for
use at any time).


Dan Strassberg
Fax: 1-707-215-6367

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