WLLH-AM Lowell Transmitter On-Air (With IBOC?)

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Mon Jan 8 14:13:23 EST 2007

Just to acquaint BRIGgers in other pahts of New England:
WLLH-AM 1400 is licensed to Lowell, MA, and if you went by the
fcc.gov's website, you'd never know there's a 70-year-old
experimental authorization for a synchronous operation in Lawrence.
As Mark Watson has pointed out, one of the transmitters (lately
Lowell) can go off-the-air and the other covers the area at least
during the day.   Well, a couple of weeks ago, the Lowell transmitter
powered down making the "experimental" antenna the WLLH tower of record.
My travels took me to Lowell today, and just for fun, I went over to the
transmitter site, and lo and behold, WLLH Lowell was on-the-air...
not only that, but there was significan hash from 1350 to 1430 (so
you had WLLH hash fighting it out with WXKS hash).  It's possible 
that the engineers had taken WLLH/Lowell off-the-air to install the IBOC
system, which raises deux questions (a little French lingo): if this
hash is due to HD AM radio facilities being installed, have they yet 
done so at the mother ship, WAMG-AM 890 COL Dedham?  If not, why 
would they do so at a satellite outlet and not near Boston...please
anyone in the western suburbs of Boston,check to see if there's hash 
where you are at 860,870,880,900,910 or 920.  Second question: considering
that you have two stations transmitting on the same fequency, with about
the same power output, if one is running IBOC and the other isn't
(and WLLH/Lawrence is not causing interference with the 1380 and 1420 NH
stations I can receive) what would a possible HD AM receiver do if it's getting
a station that's both IN IBOC mode and NOT in IBOC mode.  If you're
mainly picking up WLLH/Lawrence, but SOME energy from WLLH/Lowell, 
will it take the digital signal from the latter and discard the former?
Of course, if they install IBOC in Lawrence, then all of the above is
irrelevant...it may be irrelevant anyway;  what's the audience for network
sports talk in Lawrence or Lowell anyway?

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