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>Ain't no "thrill." The reason is lots o' money. Famous people have
>always sold things, whether it's Ronald Reagan touting General Electric
>products or Jay Severin plugging Ken's Steak House. Jay is famous in
>this market, and clearly the advertisers want him to voice their
>Advertisers pay a premium...sometimes a whopping premium...to get the
>on-air hosts to voice their spot. Whether or not it's ever been proven
>that identifiable personalities sell more of a product than a
>disembodied voice, I couldn't say...but as long as the advertisers
>believe it, the stations will offer it, and make lots o' bucks doing

Yow...talk about missing the point.  Whether a famous person voicing a
spot sells cars or mediocre meals, it doesn't therefore make sense for
a full-power major market station to let that person be a speed bump in their
day's progression from morning drive, mid-morning, noonish, and afternoon drive.
A couple of sources, a daily newspaper and some internet sites, have mentioned
that Barnicles' ratings are sub-par.  Maybe they erred, but it does appear that 
he puts out a less than stellar effort.  If he rambles on about sports and plays
music CD's in that one-hour, I don't see that as compelling radio; granted at
this point there is no major competition from 9:00 am till 10:00 unless WRKO
pulls out of its tailspin there.  The BBC on WBUR is ok, but now NPR is thinking
of putting on a "Morning Edition" clone for 18-to-49ers which WBUR could be
expected to air in that time slot.  

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