Boston Herald LtE On Progressive Radio

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jan 4 19:30:04 EST 2007

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>Yes, I saw that letter to the editor in the print version of 
>today's Herald, and also
>the bit about the WTTT show. They mention Jimmi Carter working for 
>WTTT--I believe he
>was the producer of Gene Burns' show on WRKO (Gene used to mention his name at
>the end of every show.)
>If they don't publish your letter of rebuttal since they might have 
>a restriction
>about publishing two letters by the same individual in the same 
>week, maybe someone
>else will.

If I had submitted a letter, I'm not sure it would have been a rebuttal
but more of a clarification.  The writer cited a rating for WKOX/WXKS that
was the 12-and-over Mon-thru-Sunday number.  The outlets ranged from
unreceivable at night (WXKS-AM) to somewhat constricted (WKOX with a 
fan-shaped pattern from downtown Framingham to some route 128 communities)
During live Air America and Jones shows, there was enough listenership
that the shows that accepted calls got plenty from Boston (you can't say 
that about WTTT) which isn't a lead-pipe criterion of avid listenership
but indicatesd something higher than the number cited in the Herald.
Al Franken did a live show from the W-i-i-i-i-i-llllbur Theater
(managed by CCU so they got it essentially for free) and he nearly 
filled the place on a Monday afternoon, which is more than some shows
there did on Saturday nights.

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