Boston Herald LtE On Progressive Radio

Bob Nelson
Thu Jan 4 17:02:52 EST 2007

Yes, I saw that letter to the editor in the print version of today's Herald, and also
the bit about the WTTT show. They mention Jimmi Carter working for WTTT--I believe he
was the producer of Gene Burns' show on WRKO (Gene used to mention his name at
the end of every show.)

If they don't publish your letter of rebuttal since they might have a restriction
about publishing two letters by the same individual in the same week, maybe someone
else will.

That WTTT show about the Middle East airs on Sunday afternoons and probably
will befall the same fate (for the next few week or two at least) that
Jeff Santos got with his WXKS/WKOX show: not just on a weak signal,
but right up against the Patriots game!

And yes, Finneran could well become a talk host at WRKO. "If you're
indicted, you're invited", as Howie might say. I don't believe anything
has popped up in the Globe or Phoenix about the loss of Air
America Boston since the change actually happened, but the Herald
had that article from last week about the effort to bring it back.

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