[B-R-I] Re: Herald: WTKK lineup changes

Don A. Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 02:39:43 EST 2007

> Yow...talk about missing the point.  Whether a famous person voicing a
> spot sells cars or mediocre meals, it doesn't therefore make sense for
> a full-power major market station to let that person be a speed bump in
> day's progression from morning drive, mid-morning, noonish, and afternoon

Sometimes it does!

As Sid pointed out, sometimes sales trumps programming!

However, it's not just the live reads.... We're back to marquee value.

But when you put the assetts of a station on one side and the debits on
another...people like Barnicle and Franken end up on the asset side.....even
with cruddy ratings.

Barnicle is on MSNBC plenty....and on Chronicle....and his visibility
certainly helps lift the station.

Just like a name on a movie marquee can bring in people who wouldn't
normally attend.

Can just a name make a stinker movie a hit?  Probably not, but studios have
been doing the same thing for years.

> >He is a current fill-in host on MSNBC.
> I occasionally view MSNBC, especially Keith Olbermann, but it's still the
> third-ranked cable news outlet.  If the population at-large is only
> dimly aware of several of their headliners (Tucker Carlson, Joe
> where does that place fill-ins?

He fills in for Chris Matthews a lot.  (And Chris Matthews is more popular
than Carlson or Scarborough right now.)

In any event, it's still it's a plus.

> So, because YOU don't see that as "compelling radio," or YOU think he
> doesn't give it his all, it makes no sense.

You bet!  ;-)

Those of us who have been on BRI awhile know Mr. Glavin believes his tastes
are the ones programmers should cater to...  ;-)

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