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SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Thu Jan 4 18:52:06 EST 2007

  Eli Polonsky wrote:

>I think that talk radio has a MUCH larger audience who have
>absolutely no intention of ever calling in and interacting
>on the air than the amount of people who actually do.
>I'd imagine that the majority of listeners are content to
>be vicariously entertained by the interaction of the host
>and callers other than themselves. The minority of vocal
>people who actually call in are entertaining the silent
>majority of passive listeners who prefer to stay on the
>sidelines and just take it all in, and they get the same
>value out of a show that's a few hours old as one that's
>broadcast live in real time.
>I'm guessing that if talk radio ratings were limited to
>only the vocal people who may be likely to call in, the
>whole format would have probably died decades ago.

It's been said that less than 5% of your audience will EVER call the 
station for ANY reason...I'm sure the percentage  of those who 
actually want to go on the air and argue with a talk host is 
considerably smaller.

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