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Thu Jan 4 16:05:41 EST 2007

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>If you listen to WTKK, they have a lot of local/retail spots that do not
>depend on the ratings. They love to hear Severin talking about Ken's Steak
>House, or Barnicle pitching Autolines.

Let me get this straight: radio in general is in a constant state of turmoil
because of declining listening patterns (I believe a firm called
Bridge Media has chronicled this) and defections of advertisers 
themselves to other media.  Yet a powerful radio station in a major 
market keeps a guy on-the-air so a few business owners can get a "thrill"
by hearing a couple of the station's employees voice their spots!  Duh.

>He is a current fill-in host on MSNBC.

I occasionally view MSNBC, especially Keith Olbermann, but it's still the 
third-ranked cable news outlet.  If the population at-large is only
dimly aware of several of their headliners (Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough),
where does that place fill-ins?

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