[B-R-I] Re: Herald: WTKK lineup changes

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Thu Jan 4 12:31:27 EST 2007

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> The natural question is: if Eagan and Braude got such high ratings while
> phone-it-in-Barnicle did the opposite, why didn't they ****can Barnicle
> long ago and run E&B then?

>Barnicle has "marqee value"....

First of all, today's Herald item indicated he was a ratings LOSER which
is all that counts really.  And how is a "newpaper columnist" who appears
in NO newspaper a marquee (correct spelling) name...a FADED marquee name
is more like it.  And to carry the thought to another "marquee" name:
over and over again people have stated that although Al Franken had a 
"marquee" name, his show sucked (their opinion, not mine).  I'm an
avid Stephanie Miller fan (now limited to listening to the opening
segements of each hour on stephaniemiller.com's blog) so I rarely
heard Barnicle's lame show live except when S.M. was on vacation or
I had occasion to hear a Barnicle rerun on the weekends.  It strikes 
me that he doesn't bother himself with much show prep, he falls
back on sports-oriented palaver, and on another board, someone posted
that when he runs out of things to say, he plays a pop or jazz CD?  This is
a TALK-SHOW host?  How can WTKK claim to be ALL talk if Barnicle is playing

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