[B-R-I] Re: Herald: WTKK lineup changes

Don A. Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 12:53:54 EST 2007

> > The natural question is: if Eagan and Braude got such high ratings while
> > phone-it-in-Barnicle did the opposite, why didn't they ****can Barnicle
> > long ago and run E&B then?
> >Barnicle has "marquee value"....
> First of all, today's Herald item indicated he was a ratings LOSER which
> is all that counts really.

If you listen to WTKK, they have a lot of local/retail spots that do not
depend on the ratings.  They love to hear Severin talking about Ken's Steak
House, or Barnicle pitching Autolines.

> And how is a "newpaper columnist" who appears
> in NO newspaper a marquee name...a FADED marquee name
> is more like it.

He is/was one of the most popular/recognizable ex-newspaper columnists in
Boston right now.

He is a current fill-in host on MSNBC.

Is the NY post column gone?  Is Chronicle over?

> And to carry the thought to another "marquee" name:
> over and over again people have stated that although Al Franken had a
> "marquee" name, his show sucked (their opinion, not mine).

That's why they keep Franken on the air.  Marquee value...even though the
show sucks.

The million or so they spend on Franken comes back as marketing.

If they used the Franken salary to buy TV ads, etc....they could never have
the effect of what Franken has done for them.

So, when counting up the assets and debits of the operation.....in spite of
his show being bad....he ends up on the 'plus' side of the ledger.

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