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WAGM died almost twenty years ago.  The owners closed up the AM and moved
the programming over to the sister FM station (96.9), then known as WCXU, if
memory serves.  The move surprised a lot of people, as WAGM was one of the
oldest radio stations in the state.

WAGM-TV is still operating, under different ownership.

<<Boy, it's a long drive up to Presque Isle from Boston...>>

It's a long drive to Presque Isle from anywhere!  People from outside Maine
don't realize how big this state is.  I know.  I'm a "transplant" myself.
It's almost as far from Kittery to Fort Kent as it is from Boston to
Washington.  I'm not kidding.


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> Laurence wrote--
> >WAGM in Presque Isle, ME went away and WROL already had an
> >audience for its programming including the Irish Hit Parade and Soxas
> >during the summer!
> WAGM is gone?  That was the first station I ever consulted, way back
> in 1980.  Boy, it's a long drive up to Presque Isle from Boston...

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