AM Radio Coverage

Ron Bello
Wed Feb 28 23:13:07 EST 2007

Jon, you have it correct.

Although Norm Nathan received callers from 
"across the pond", I doubt they were listening via radio.
WBZ's signal is very directional to the 
east,  Why waste any signal so the fish can listen ?
Coverage is poor on Cape Cod also.

Ron, former engineer at WBZ 1975-76

At 05:14 PM 2/28/2007, wrote:
>I remember that when we lived in Portugal, in the mid to late 1950's, my
>Dad would listen to WABC during the evening. He wanted to listen to WBZ,
>but couldn't because of the cardiod (sp?) pattern of BZ which sent most of
>the signal west. Are my recollections faulty?
>Jon, former engineer at
>WMEX 1510 68-70
>WCOP AM/FM 70-75
>WVMT 77-79
>Russ Butler wrote:
> > Speaking of AM radio station coverage on this list recently, I remember
>that it wasn't unusual for WBZ's Norm Nathan's late-night telephone
>conversations to include a caller from London or other countries "across
>the pond" with their Hull, MA salt water-grounded transmitter site.
> >
> > Also, I found this comment online from John Rook (dot) com, a former
>Program Director at KFI in Los Angeles:
> > /
> > KFI, at 640 on AM dial in Los Angeles is known as the nation’s most
>powerful radio station. Listeners from Hawaii to New York and Canada to
>Mexico for years tuned in to hear Dodger games exclusively on the station.
>The premium facility had been sold to Cox Communications of Atlanta for a
>record breaking $15 million cash in 1973, then the highest price ever paid
>for a radio station./
> >
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