AM Radio Coverage
Wed Feb 28 17:14:07 EST 2007

I remember that when we lived in Portugal, in the mid to late 1950's, my
Dad would listen to WABC during the evening. He wanted to listen to WBZ,
but couldn't because of the cardiod (sp?) pattern of BZ which sent most of
the signal west. Are my recollections faulty?

Jon, former engineer at
WMEX 1510 68-70
WCOP AM/FM 70-75
WVMT 77-79

Russ Butler wrote:
> Speaking of AM radio station coverage on this list recently, I remember
that it wasn't unusual for WBZ's Norm Nathan's late-night telephone
conversations to include a caller from London or other countries "across
the pond" with their Hull, MA salt water-grounded transmitter site.
> Also, I found this comment online from John Rook (dot) com, a former
Program Director at KFI in Los Angeles:
> /
> KFI, at 640 on AM dial in Los Angeles is known as the nation’s most
powerful radio station. Listeners from Hawaii to New York and Canada to
Mexico for years tuned in to hear Dodger games exclusively on the station.
The premium facility had been sold to Cox Communications of Atlanta for a
record breaking $15 million cash in 1973, then the highest price ever paid
for a radio station./

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