The NAB Responds....

Donna Halper
Wed Feb 21 16:30:34 EST 2007

>it was written--
> >
> > A letter-perfect example of the NAB's agenda.  Howard Stern seemed to be
>OK with the NAB when he was on terrestrial radio...or, at the very least,
>the NAB was silent on the issue.  Now that he's on a competing medium,
>suddenly he's the devil.  The NAB is as transparent as a piece of glass.

And what about how silent they were over Clear Channel's many abuses 
during the days of rampant media consolidation, when CC bought up 
over 1200 stations, fired news staffs, eradicated localism, etc 
etc--- ah but they were the NAB's biggest dues-paying member, so the 
NAB said  nothing as voice-tracking and a total lack of localism 
permeated market after market, costing many of us our jobs.  The NAB 
was founded in 1923 to be a VOICE for local broadcasters (that sound 
you hear is the late great John Shepard 3rd spinning in his grave...).   

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