The NAB Responds....

Howard Glazer
Wed Feb 21 08:44:46 EST 2007

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> "In coming weeks, policymakers will have to weigh
> whether an industry that makes Howard Stern its poster
> child should be rewarded with a monopoly platform for
> offensive programming. We're hopeful that this
> anti-consumer proposal will be rejected."
> <<
> And fade to black!<<
> A letter-perfect example of the NAB's agenda.  Howard Stern seemed to be
OK with the NAB when he was on terrestrial radio...or, at the very least,
the NAB was silent on the issue.  Now that he's on a competing medium,
suddenly he's the devil.  The NAB is as transparent as a piece of glass.

Speaking of shock jocks ... if this goes through, Opie and Anthony (who did
a typically juvenile, scatological -- but often sidesplitting -- critique of
the conference call on their XM channel as the conference call itself was
running on a special-events channel) would find themselves working for Mel
Karmazin again!


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