The NAB Responds....

Donald A.
Mon Feb 19 22:04:50 EST 2007

Some interesting excerpts:

"Given the government's history of opposing monopolies
in all forms, NAB would be shocked if federal
regulators permitted a merger of XM and Sirius. It
bears mentioning that regulators summarily rejected a
similar monopoly merger of the nation's only two
satellite television companies -- DirecTV and DISH
Network -- just a few years back."


"When the FCC authorized satellite radio, it
specifically found that the public would be served
best by two competitive nationwide systems. Now, with
their stock prices at rock bottom and their business
model in disarray because of profligate spending
practices, they seek a government bail-out to avoid
competing in the marketplace."

The FCC would now have to concede that it's earlier
decision was wrong, and the public would be best
served by one BIG satellite radio company?

And the public would be best served by this because
the two companies decided to spend themselves into

And the closer:

"In coming weeks, policymakers will have to weigh
whether an industry that makes Howard Stern its poster
child should be rewarded with a monopoly platform for
offensive programming. We’re hopeful that this
anti-consumer proposal will be rejected."

And fade to black!

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