Sirius, XM feel the urge to merge?

Rob Trovato
Mon Feb 19 21:52:33 EST 2007

--- Sid Schweiger <> wrote:

> >>I haven't read the article, but FCC Chairman Kevin
> Martin has  
> previously stated that any merger between the two
> satcasters would be  
> struck down by the agency.  I'm sure the two
> services would love to  
> merge, since satellite radio is not experiencing the
> rapid growth it  
> once was, but it's not going to happen.<<
> Only problem is, that's not what he said.  

I could've sworn I heard a direct quote from him
speaking of a merger: "It's not gonna happen".

Keeping in mind, rules change, people change their
minds, people make political contributions, money
talks, etc....anything can happen.

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