The NAB Responds....

Sid Schweiger
Tue Feb 20 08:00:54 EST 2007

>>The FCC would now have to concede that it's earlier
decision was wrong, and the public would be best
served by one BIG satellite radio company?<<

So what?  The FCC waives its own rules all the time, given a persuasive enough argument.  Nothing new there.  Two publicly-traded corporations are not going to announce a merger unless they are 99.99% sure that it will jump every regulatory hurdle.

>>And the public would be best served by this because
the two companies decided to spend themselves into

So says the NAB.  They have an agenda:  Use the regulatory process to cripple a competitor.  All else follows from that.

>>And the closer:

"In coming weeks, policymakers will have to weigh
whether an industry that makes Howard Stern its poster
child should be rewarded with a monopoly platform for
offensive programming. We’re hopeful that this
anti-consumer proposal will be rejected."

And fade to black!<<

A letter-perfect example of the NAB's agenda.  Howard Stern seemed to be OK with the NAB when he was on terrestrial radio...or, at the very least, the NAB was silent on the issue.  Now that he's on a competing medium, suddenly he's the devil.  The NAB is as transparent as a piece of glass.

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