WBZ-TV 4 rebranding

Paul Hopfgarten paul@derrynh.net
Tue Feb 6 12:01:46 EST 2007

I also liked the "Electronic Mama" Stereo 105 (for WKOX-FM into WVBF)

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry, New Hampshire

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My relatives in Schenectady --- including my 22-year-old cousin-removed, who
is anything but a broadcasting geek --- still refer to "CBS6" as WRGB.
Heritage calls do make a difference.  I remember cringing when, in the early
'70s, WMEX rechristened itself "X-15."  I thought, "And the point of this is
. . . ?"


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> Don A wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >>>> "Almost" is right....Except that it de-emphasized the localism...
> >>
> >> And localism is one of their strengths.<<
> >>
> >> Again, a call sign is irrelevant to most viewers for that purpose too.
> >
> > Most is right....Unless the call sign has a history...and a
> > reputation..and goodwill.
> >
> > And WBZ has that....
> As I grew up, in a non-radio geek houselhold, we listened to WBZ or WHDH
> not 1030 or 850.  Interestingly, when it came to TV and someone asked
> what channel something was on, it was WBZ or channel 5 or 7 (pre-cable
> days).  Channel 4 was always referred to as WBZ.  The others were just
> channel numbers.  I still miss hearing (or seeing) "A Group W station"
> at the end of the ID, though, ironicly it was years before I new what
> the hell "Group W" was.  I still automatically think of NBC as channel 4
> then correct myself.
> Its interesting that in the 60's and 70's, WBZ did such a fantastic job
> of branding itself that it still sticks with me 40 years later.  Its
> unfortunate that some 20 something MBA felt the need to rebrand it into
> yet another generic channel.
> Just my thoughts.
> Brian Vita

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