Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Laurence Glavin
Sun Feb 4 13:18:09 EST 2007

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>The exact same number 12+....but what were the demos? And what was 
the billing?

The board reported last year that over the last 
two-or-so years of Charlesa River "management", WCRB's revenues
plummeted from $8.4 to $7.5 in general was 
flat, especially in Boston which tumbled out of the top-10
markets...but still that mucho dinero.

>I am also going to guess that the WCRB formula provides for a 
>younger demo than KING-FM, which again would result in more revenue.

I'm glad you used the word 'guess" (were you at the same time wearing 
Guess Jeans?);  on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" two weeks ago, in reaction 
to the Williamson turn WETA underwent, a composer/conductor named 
John Corigliano discussed introducing young people to "classical music"
and he said unequivocally that modern music, such as Stravinsky (he gave the
example of "Rite of Spring", a piece selected by Walt Disney for his
movie, or film, "Fantasia"), Bartok, Prokofiev etc made a much greater 
impression than earlier music, Mozart, Bach, Haydn.

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