Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Dan Strassberg
Sun Feb 4 11:58:02 EST 2007

Somebody who knows more about this than I do (which, I think means MOST of
the people on this list) needs to authoritatively confirm or deny this, BUT,
I believe that if you can receive other classical music streams without
dropouts on your home dialup connection, your dropout problem at home is
probably NOT your dialup connection. Instead, the weak link is more likely
the connection between WCNH's servers and your ISP's POP that serves your
home neighborhood. Hence, if you keep your present ISP when you get
high-speed Internet service at home, the dropout problem is likely to
persist. (I recommend keeping your present ISP when you switch to broadband
because--although there are allegedly ways around the problem, for a an
additional monthly fee--keeping your existing ISP should allow you to retain
your present e-mail addresses. Changing your e-mail addresses can turn out
to be EXTREMELY painful and the way around THOSE problems--as described to
me by an IT guy--sounds, in my opinion, at best highly questionable because,
as a practical matter, does anyone even attempt to keep track of everyone
who needs to know their e-mail address?)

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> On 2 Feb 2007 at 9:55, Ric Werme wrote:
> > Even though I can get WCRB in the area and at home, the repetition of
> > popular _subset_ (not all pieces play 5 times a week!) means there will
> > be a place for WCNH.  Besides, WCNH's "success" is more due to
> > than ad sales.
> I've been enjoying listening to WCNH in my office, where I have a DSL
> line.  At home, where I still have dialup, the streaming has constant
> drop-outs.  So I've been listening to other classical stations online
> which don't have that problem.  Right now I'm listening to Bayern 4
> Klassic from Munich.  I can't understand much of the announcements,
> but the music is great.  In the past I've also listened to BBC Radio
> 3, but they seem to have changed the URL of their streaming, and I
> haven't gotten around to looking for them again.  I've also listened
> to classical music on WFCR and CBC Radio 1.
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